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Domestic train


The company has the following geographical advantages that it is located in the southeast of Shandong Province. It is adjacent to Jiangsu Province on the south. It is the largest commodity distribution center in Shandong, Suzhou, Henan and Anhui. A large amount of materials should be transported by railway channels. Currently, eight railway transportation special lines are developed based on container and whole-vehicle (railway wagon), including Linyi Station- Wangjiaying West Station, Linyi Station-Tuanjie Village, Linyi Station- Chengxiang, Linyi Station- Sange Village, Linyi Station- Guiyang, Linyi Station- Nanning, Linyi Station- Kashgar and Linyi Station- Harbin.

The company engages in railway logistics, road transport, goods receiving and distribution for many years. Many freight trains are opened successively since 2015 under correct leadership of municipal government and powerful support of all administrative departments, wherein Linyi-Dalang fast freight train is the successful typical representative. Main business of freight train participated by our company includes Linyi- Wangjiaying West freight train and Linyi- Sange Village freight train.

The company has a goods receiving area of 1000 square meters in Linyi Port Logistics Park. It is capable of loading 40-foot containers and goods of 80 tons each day. The company actively organizes various local goods and goods of surrounding areas. Heavy goods ceramic, stone, building materials, steel, plywood, metal products and other goods account for about 70% or so of goods amount. Lightweight goods tires, daily groceries, daily chemical products, labor insurance supplies, food and other goods account for about 30%. Return trip goods company is equipped with outlets in Kunming. A large number of internal combustion engines and accessories arrive in Shandong. 60 tons of goods are returned to Linyi everyday.

The company adopts the method of power-power combination. It signs cooperation shipment agreement with logistics enterprises and consignors. It organizes goods sources jointly with Meixin Pipe Industry, Jinbaocheng Pipe Industry, Jinzhengyang Pipe Industry, Hongwang Stainless Steel and other enterprises as well as other shippers, thereby ensuring organization of train goods quantity. Meanwhile, the company organizes reliable and safety goods in line with regulations. Risks are controlled carefully from the source. Goods are loaded in the container and vehicle according to specifications, which are operated timely according to schedule, thereby ensuring operation of trains. Various preparation jobs should be done well actively before and after transportation. Clients are served actively and passionately. Freight management specifications are followed. Data about shipped goods quantity, value, weight, support value, etc. are perfected accurately without error. We are willing to serve clients and make them satisfied.