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Railway International Combined Transportation:Central Asia Train


The first central Asia train in Linyi was opened on March 30, 2017. The train starts from Linyi Station, which exits through Alataw Pass, and arrives in Almaty Kashgar.

In recent years, with integrated development of Linyi mall from domestic trade to foreign trade, Linyi mall has stronger and stronger complementation with Central Asia, West Asia and other countries in the commodity structure. Linyi products in textile, garments, mechanics and electrics, machinery, light industry, electronics and other products have strong competitiveness in central Asia.

‘Trains are applied for transporting goods, driving industry, and promoting employment. It must inject new driving force to development in Linyi’. Linyi is the largest small commodity distribution base in the north of Yangtze River in China and trade corridor in Eurasian continent as ‘trade and logistics capital’ in Shandong Province. The container train from Linyi to five central Asian countries has positive and far-reaching influence for promoting construction of trade and logistics capital in Linyi, implementing international strategy of Linyi malls, improving the competitiveness of exporting Linyi commodities to Central Asia and Europe.