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Railway International Combined Transportation :Central Europe Train


Shandong Eurasian Railway Logistics Co., Ltd. opened central Europe freight trains in 2016 in Shandong. The train starts from Linyi Station, which exits from Manzhouli Port, passes through all stations in Russia, and arrives in Kuntsevo Station in capital Moscow. The whole journey is more than 7000km with running time of about 15 days. The transportation distance and time between China and European countries are shortened effectively.

Linyi is the second largest whole-sale market in China, and the largest small commodity distribution base in the north of Yangtze River in China. Linyi Municipal Government and all administrative departments plan strategic thinking integrated to the state under the strategic major decision-making implemented by the state ‘One Belt and One Road’. They organize to open Central Europe and Central Asia Railway Freight Trains successively. A regional cooperation platform for shared market and win-win development is established. The commodities of Linyi malls are greatly driven and sold to five central Asian countries, Russia, eastern Europe and European countries through opening of Central Europe and Central Asia Railway Freight Trains, thereby playing a decisive role in the internationalization of Linyi malls.

Compared with ordinary freight trains, central Europe train has advantages of balanced and stable transportation, fast operation speed, safe and reliable transportation, cheap price, etc. Two-station direct transportation mode is adopted in the train, which is not affected by natural weather such as wind, rain, snow, fog, etc. Meanwhile, railway departments and local governments offer certain preferential policy support respectively, which has significant economic significance and social significance to promote implementation of mall internationalization strategy in Linyi, and integration of ‘One Belt One Road’ national development strategy.

Linyi commodities are exported to Russia, Germany and other European countries and regions through our company in more than 1000 TEU containers (standard 20-foot container) in 2016 according to statistics. The products cover ceramic tile, labor insurance supplies, daily chemicals, food, auto parts, household appliances, chemical fertilizer, machinery and equipment, etc. with extremely strong market share in the local areas. The freight train is twice a month and 41 compartments each train. Each train can be used for transporting goods of 1200 tons or so. The goods value of each train is about $3 million

The central Europe train not only promotes the internationalization development of Linyi malls powerfully, and strengthens trade between China and European countries and regions, but also creates a brand-new railway logistics route for many enterprises and merchants. It is a necessary choice for Linyi to strengthen trade with Russia, Germany and other European countries and regions, and develop export-oriented economy. It is also a key step for Linyi to actively integrate into the ‘One Belt One Road’ strategy.