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International Freight Train

Linyi is the second largest wholesale market in China and the largest small commodity distribution base in the north of the Yangtze River, China. Linyi Municipal Government and all administrative departments plan strategic thinking integrated to the state under the strategic major decision-making implemented by the state ‘One Belt and One Road’. They organize to open Central Europe and Central Asia Railway Freight Trains successively. A regional cooperation platform for shared market and win-win development is established. The commodities of Linyi malls are greatly driven and sold to five central Asian countries, Russia, eastern Europe and European countries through opening of Central Europe and Central Asia Railway Freight Trains, thereby playing a decisive role in the internationalization of Linyi malls.

Central Europe Trainstarts from Linyi Station, which exits through Manchuria Port, passes through several sites in Russia, and arrives in Moskkuntsevo.

Central Asia Train starts from Linyi Station, which exits from Alataw Pass, and arrives in Almaty Kashgar.


Domestic Freight Train

The company has the following geographical advantages that it is located in the southeast of Shandong Province. It is adjacent to Jiangsu Province on the south. It is the largest commodity distribution center in Shandong, Suzhou, Henan and Anhui. A large amount of materials should be transported by railway channels. Currently, eight railway transportation special lines are developed based on container and whole-vehicle (railway wagon), including Linyi Station- Wangjiaying West Station, Linyi Station-Tuanjie Village, Linyi Station- Chengxiang, Linyi Station- Sange Village, Linyi Station- Guiyang, Linyi Station- Nanning, Linyi Station- Kashgar and Linyi Station- Harbin.