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Domestic railway

Shandong Eurasian Railway Logistics Co., Ltd. has a high-quality professional team with rich operation experience in the aspect of railway services. It is good at organizing transportation of various goods. The company loads and transports domestic goods in Shandong, Jiangsu and north of Yangtz River by door-to-door form, which are transported to different places all over the country through the modes of box car, gondola car, container and other modes. The company has the following geographical advantages that Linyi is located in the southeast of Shandong Province. It is adjacent to Jiangsu Province on the south. It is the largest commodity distribution center in Shandong, Suzhou, Henan and Anhui. A large amount of materials should be transported by railway channels. Currently, eight railway transportation special lines are developed based on container and whole-vehicle (railway wagon), including Linyi Station- Wangjiaying West Station, Linyi Station-Tuanjie Village, Linyi Station- Chengxiang, Linyi Station- Sange Village, Linyi Station- Guiyang, Linyi Station- Nanning, Linyi Station- Kashgar and Linyi Station- Harbin.


Operation flow of domestic railway transportation business

1. Power of attorney
The shipper sends goods transportation service order, transacts delivery shipment and loading, pay transportation fee, and submit the goods receiving vouchers to the consignee.

2. Railway operation acceptance
The shipper or outward transportation institution in the dispatch place should fill domestic railway freight note according to the arrangement of port railway transportation plan, and then the agent is responsible for preparing dispatch according to plan.

3. Purchase and acceptance
The shipper moves the goods into the station. The forwarder checks and accepts goods according to the freight note, and the forwarder shall check the weight aiming at goods requiring weight checking, and the goods weight should be recorded on the freight note.

4. Check and acceptance of consignment
The forwarder for checking and note formulation is responsible for formulating freight note, checking transportation cost, and covering station name and data stamp on the freight note for transportation.

5. Loading
The wagon requiring containing sealing should be sealed during goods loading.

6. Freight note
The consignee shall accept and take goods in the place appointed by the railway system according to the railway freight note.

Precautions for domestic railway transportation business

1. The consignee should sign seal on the freight note after checking with freight note in the destination station according to the receiving voucher or effective certificate document proposed by the consignee. After all costs are received, the delivery date seal should be covered on the freight note and freight bill. The receiving voucher or certificate document should be attached or recorded on the fourth volume of the freight bill. Then, the freight note should be delivered to the consignee, and the consignee should receive goods in the goods storage place according to the freight note.

2. When the shipper consigns goods, transportation package in line with transportation requirements should be used for facilitating loading and unloading, and guaranteeing goods safety according to goods nature, weight, transportation category, transportation distance, climate, truck loading and conditions. The station should study to formulate provisional standards for goods transportation and package with the shipper, and they should follow the standards jointly.