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International railway

Shandong Eurasian Railway Logistics Co., Ltd. has a high-quality professional operation team with rich operation experience. It is good at organizing transportation of various goods from inland China to countries around China, including Russia, Eastern Europe, Mongolia and five central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan), as well as railway transportation of importing from the above countries to inland China. Shandong Eurasian Railway Logistics Co., Ltd. has prominent advantages in international railway combined transportation, international multi-modal transportation, border transportation, import and export combined transportation wagon plan, transportation tracking of goods in transit, door-to-door services, etc.

Business scope of international railway transportation

Transportation from inland China to China surrounding countries, including Russia, Eastern Europe, Mongolia and the five central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan), and transportation from the above countries to inland China t opposite direction.


Operation flow of international railway transportation business

1. Commission
Shippers inform agents to arrange whole vehicle or container transportation, sending station, destination country, destination station, goods name and quantity, expected transportation time, client unit name, telephone number, contact person, etc.

2. Transport documents    
2.The shipper and the agent confirm offer and agency relationship. The shipper should commission our company in a written form: (1) transportation power of attorney (2) customs declaration power of attorney (3) inspection declaration power of attorney (4) customs declaration form and inspection declaration form (special seal of the client should be covered) (5) contract (6) packing list (7) invoice (8) commodity inspection release permit (9) verification sheet, etc.

3. Customs declaration
The shipper shall send the above documents to the designated company of the agent after the documents are prepared. The agent is responsible for arranging port customs declaration, namely customs declaration in Manchuria, Erenhot, Alataw Pass,  Pingxiang, etc.

4. Departure
The shipper delivers the customs declaration form, contract, packing list, invoice, customs cover and other bills to the port with the vehicle together aiming at goods with customs declaration in place of dispatch according to transportation plan arrangement notice. The contract, packing list, invoice, customs declaration form, commodity inspection certificate and other documents should be delivered to the port agency company of the agent aiming at goods with customs declaration in the port. The third volume of the freight note can be delivered to the shipper after the goods are shipped.

5. Port handover
Customs transfer and reloading formalities should be transacted after goods arrive in the port. After the goods are transferred to vehicles of foreign parties for shipment, the freight company will notify the shipper of the the reloading time of the goods in the port, the reloading vehicle number of foreign party and other information.

6. Document return to clients 
After the goods reloading and handover, customs organ will return the verification sheet and customs declaration verification volume to our company. The above documents are returned to the client by the freight company according to the payment condition of freight.

7. Our company is responsible for transacting import and export formalities aiming at units without import and export business right. Please contact with our company for detailed information.

Precautions of international railway transportation business

1. Inspection of box condition: please carefully check whether the container is suitable for goods or not before loading, whether the container is polluted, damaged and penetrated or not. You can refuse loading and immediately notify our company for replacement and repair of container if such problems are discovered.

2. Overloading is not allowed: the goods weight limit is 21.5t/20' and 26.5t/40' according to regulations of international railway through transportation. There are many varieties of railway wagon weight limit, please consult separately.

3. Unbalance loading is not allowed: unbalance loading affects railway loading operation, which affects driving safety severely. It is required that the goods gravity center must be centered, and its deviation to the cross curve center at the bottom of the box should not be higher than 10cm, and the goods should be loaded in a balanced mode.

4. Good reinforcement on goods: goods are moved during vehicle turning if the goods are not reinforced well in the box, and even the vehicles are overturned. Goods safety is severely affected at the same time.

5. The loaded goods should be numbered according to number with clear shipping mark. It should be accurately reflected on the packing list, thereby facilitating goods sorting and inspection by customs organ.

6. Please supervise the driver to seal after goods loading, both parties should siign signature and handover seal number and container number.

7. The goods information filled in the freight power of attorney must be consistent with the actual delivery information and freight note information, especially product name, weight, volume, etc. Otherwise, freight inconsistency, and even fine can be caused.