Eurasian railway; international railway transportation expert!

Company headquarters:

Address: Linyi Port Multi-modal Combined Transportation Center, Intersection of
Shuangling Road and Hongda Road, Linyi

National railway transportation:


Consulting hotline: 13583973873 Manager Song     18654995926 Mr. Jiang
13355077787 Mr. Zhang

Railway international Combined Transportation:


Consulting hotline:13053959366 Manager Wang     18654995927 Mr. Wang

Rizhao Office:

Address: Room 1603, Unit 1, Wanghai International Mansion, Taian Road, Rizhao

Tel (Fax):0633-8788701

Contact person:15905398966 General Manager Zhang

Lianyungang Office:

Contact person: 13583973873 Manager Song

Qingdao Office:

Contact person: 13053959366 Manager Wang